Worship Planning: Soar On Wings Like Egos, 1

I love me

Worship Planning: Soar On Wings Like Egos, 1

I love me

5 Questions to Clip Our Ego Wings

Let’s call her Lydia. If Lydia’s voice was an Uno card, it’d be a Wild Draw 4. Great when you’ve got it; bummer when someone else does. When Lydia’s voice is on, it’s fantastic to listen to. When it’s off, it’s like shoving a Q-tip a little too far in your ear. Only the Q-tip is a dull #2 pencil and “too far” is too TV-MA to describe further. So when certain songs come up that call for a female lead, there’s always this schizoid moment – should I give it to her, should I not? Maybe? I dunno…

She notices when I don’t. And calls her friend. Who then calls me. This is why you don’t let an average singing, guitar playing, unmedicated ADHD, people-pleasing leader (like me) be the sole interviewer for potential vocalists.

But this series isn’t about my interview and qualification process (which needs some work). Nor is about the conversation that I, as a leader, need to have with Lydia (which I do). It’s about people like Lydia, and me, and you, and everyone on our team asking a few questions of ourselves. Questions that reveal our heart. Questions that check our ego.

I just finished writing an ebook that’s available (for free) on the homepage of WorshipTeamCoach.com called 52 Tweaks to a Stronger Team. Tweak #52 is five questions to check the temperature of our ego. So over the next few posts here at WorshipMinistry.com, we’ll dive deeper into those questions.

If Lydia were to ask herself the first question, “Do I get offended (even slightly) when someone else gets the lead part or receives praise from others?” and she were honest, she’d say yes. She may not say she’s offended. Hurt, disappointed, maybe frustrated might top the list. And then it would be followed by an explanation: “I just love to sing…”

King Saul got offended. We see issues with him early on, but a pivotal moment in his demise is when he hears the maidens singing:

“Saul has slain his thousands,
and David his tens of thousands.”
(1 Samueel 18)

In worship team terms,
“Saul sang lead on verse two of a pre-service song.
David landed the solo on the big anthem of the Easter Celebration.”

I’m not sure if Lydia is ready to hurl spears. But she’s holding an offense. And the next time it happens, her heart will wrap more tightly around it, nursing it, helping it grow.

What do we do when we answer yes to the question “Do I get offended…?” It means my heart nursing an offense, and I need to forgive. I also need to confess the jealousy, envy, and maybe even bitterness that I allowed to grow. But this issue rarely goes only as deep as a solo on Revelation Song. There’s likely a deeper wound that’s causing my insecurity and arrogance. And that needs to be explored with my heart open to the Holy Spirit’s guidance and the healing touch of Jesus.

The second question we’ll dig into next week reveals the symptom of a wounded heart: “Do I find that I’m critical (even if in my own mind) of others on the team?”


Got any “ego stories” from your ministry? How did you deal with them?

I’d be interested to hear about any “safeguards” that you use in your ministry to help people keep their egos in check…

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