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Are you a worship leader, team member or involved in worship team training or production? Do you have a heart and desire to mentor others and impact the church? Consider being part of the Worship Ministry writing community.

We publish original content on a wide variety of worship-related topics and are interested in publishing unique blog posts, articles, and tutorials on subjects including worship leadership, ministry, theology of worship, video and audio production, songwriting, worship planning, worship software, product reviews, and opinion-focused posts. There are two ways you can contribute:

Guest Contributors publish one article or an occasional article. Guest contributors will receive attribution at the bottom of each written piece which can include a link to your church or other website.

Regular Contributors submit content on a regular basis (i.e once per week.) Regular contributors receive the following benefits:

  • Build contacts with other worship leaders and those involved in worship ministry
  • Author box at the left of each post you write, with a link to your profile and all your posts
  • Ability to work alongside fellow worship leaders and musicians who share your interest, a desire to impact the church, and offer inspiration and feedback
  • Develop as an expert in your field and improve your writing

Please take a look around the site to get an idea of the feel and content presented. Following are some details that might help you determine if you’d like to write for Worship Ministry.

  • Posts should not be published on other sites
  • Content must be written by you, and not contain copy published elsewhere
  • Post titles and content may sometimes be edited for content and clarity
  • Posts should be well-written and around 250 + words in length
  • You should be involved in a worship ministry as a volunteer, staff member, or industry professional
  • Should you decide to stop contributing, existing content will remain the property of WorshipMinistry.com.

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  • In order to respect the copyrights of others and to provide value to our readers, guest and regular contributions to WorshipMinistry.com must be original content and may not contain copy published elsewhere. Content should only be contributed with the understanding it will permanently reside on WorshipMinistry.com unless otherwise decided, at WorshipMinistry.com's sole discretion. All content published on worshipministry.com is subject to its copyright and may be edited for content and clarity.